Some Photos of our every day life - Enjoy
          Shane - Our Physical trainer
   There's been a De-Throning
Custom Lakeshore Body T-Shirt
       Camaro restoration for our friend, 
                      Kelly Cannon
               Tony's project - 
          Big boys need Big toys!

      Charlie -  Chevy Jockey

                     Hard  at  Work....
  What a Ham...        Buster, too!
  Stephen from The Boathouse - he                   works sooooo hard !!

      He's hard at work on Kelly's car - 
             gett'n ready for Cruisin!
        Ready for Cruisin the Coast !
                    "Bus" and Daddy 

           Apparently, we do estimates on 
                     anything that rolls!

          ... Santa-Claus is comin' to town !!
 "Woody" decided to take the Expedition for a spin
                           The  "FAMILY"
                   1970 Chevelle - Ready for Cruisin!!

                              Kelly is ready to Cruise - 2013 ! know what happens when you                           sleep with dogs.....
                       Tony's  custom-built  calf  trailer

Great to see Mr. Ambrose and The Beast today !
ummm... I don't even know what to say about these two...

Fred Burkes  - 2015,
Dearly missed.

Poor "Bus" - had to raise his house to meet FEMA reguirements !